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Thank you for your interest in our website. We'd like to remind you that you'll be deemed to have understood and agreed to all matters listed below as from the moment you’ve entered and begun to use our website.

1. Description of the Service
www.sushico.com.tr, is a website that allows those who’ve entered and completed their membership procedures order meals over the Internet and receive take away service after the order is duly placed.

2. Membership Procedures
It is compulsory to become a member in order to receive service from www.sushico.com.tr. To be a member, the user who's accessed the website defines an e-mail address as his/her “user name” and specifies a “password”. User name(e-mail address) is exclusive for the member and the same user name(e-mail address) is not given to multiple members at the same time.

“Password” is only known by the user. The user may change his/her password at any time. The user is solely responsible for selecting and protecting the password. www.sushico.com.tr shall not be responsible for any problem arising from password use.

www.sushico.com.tr shall under no circumstances share user details with third parties or companies or send e-mails on behalf of third parties.

3. Product Delivery
During product delivery by www.sushico.com.tr , if the customer cannot be found at the address indicated in the order, the meals shall never be delivered to another address. In that case, the member shall become obliged to assume legal responsibilities that may arise for placing an order which will be delivered to an address at which s/he is not available.

4. Member’s Obligations
Member agrees that;
a. his/her details in the registration form at www.sushico.com.tr website are correct and that where such details are necessary, s/he will be responsible for any losses or damage that may arise from wrong or incomplete details(e.g. forgetting password, etc.), and in that case his/her membership may be terminated,
b. s/he will be personally responsible for any transaction s/he will perform with “user” name,
c. s/he should pay the price of the service, which has already been notified to him/her, during the delivery of goods, and that otherwise the product may not be delivered to him/her,
d. copyrights of services provided by and software used by www.sushico.com.tr belong to www.sushico.com.tr and that s/he may not copy, reproduce or distribute such software in any manner whatsoever,
e. any record or material obtained by using www.sushico.com.tr is fully within the consent of user, that responsibility for any failure, loss of information and other losses caused in user’s computer by such record or material shall rest with the user, that s/he won’t claim damages from www.sushico.com.tr for any damage s/he may incur due to use of such service,
f. s/he won’t use www.sushico.com.tr services for commercial purposes or promotion without obtaining consent of www.sushico.com.tr ,
g. while benefiting from www.sushico.com.tr services, s/he will be solely responsible for files s/he uploaded to, personal information s/he sent to www.sushico.com.tr and that www.sushico.com.tr won’t be held responsible for these files,
h. s/he won’t access to services provided at www.sushico.com.tr by any means other than those specified by www.sushico.com.tr and without authorization and that s/he won’t change the software in any manner whatsoever and use those which clearly look like they have been changed and that s/he will pay any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages which www.sushico.com.tr may incur, if she fails to observe the said items,
i. that correspondence, subject titles, nicknames to be added to the medium will observe public moral, proprieties and rules of law,
j. s/he won’t send any data or programs which may cause damage to www.sushico.com.tr system or data or software in computers of other users,
k. www.sushico.com.tr is allowed to watch the whole system at any time or permanently, that in case of any act in breach of these conditions, www.sushico.com.tr will be entitled to take necessary action and remove the member from the service and terminate his/her membership,

5. www.sushico.com.tr’s powers
a. The sales of www.sushico.com.tr are limited by the availability of menus applicable at that moment. www.sushico.com.tr shall be entitled to refrain from delivering products which are not available in the respective restaurant. Displaying the products at the website does not necessarily mean that www.sushico.com.tr undertakes that the products are in the inventory.
b. www.sushico.com.tr is entitled and authorized to change price and properties of the products sold, at any time without being obliged to make an announcement in advance. In case of an error in the price and properties of a product, www.sushico.com.tr may deliver the product in such a way as to correct that error or cancel that order.
c. www.sushico.com.tr may temporarily suspend or completely stop the operation of the system at any time.
d. www.sushico.com.tr shall not be liable to make any preliminiary notice to its members or third parties for temporary suspension or complete stop of the system or shall have no responsibility for such matter.
e. www.sushico.com.tr may also use any information to be delivered by users and members over www.sushico.com.tr website in order to improve use of the website, contact with members, for in-house requirements and where it legally becomes necessary to do the same. Such details can be shared with employees of www.sushico.com.tr or third parties at any stage during the delivery of the member’s order or used to analyze and support member’s use of the website.
f. Unless otherwise requested by the member, www.sushico.com.tr may send announcements about its products, services, discounts, promotions and campaigns by SMS or e-mail in order to improve quality of its services and satisfaction of its members.
g. www.sushico.com.tr may perform changes in execution of this agreement, change existing articles or add new ones for future technical necessities or to observe the legislation.
h. www.sushico.com.tr may turn services which don’t require membership into those which require membership. www.sushico.com.tr may open new services, change part or all of certain services or turn them into those which are charged.
i. User name and password shall be displayed and approved after the application fields to be presented by www.sushico.com.tr to customer are completed. www.sushico.com.tr may indefinitely prevent its customers who have completed all fields or those getting connected although they have a password from obtaining a new password or using their passwords in cases where it deems appropriate.
j. www.sushico.com.tr has ownership rights and copyrights arising from ownership on works, including data, software, design, graphics, etc. it has developed or purchased from outside.
k. Implementation of SushiCo Points;
1 SushiCo Point = 1 TL.
- Each time you place an online order, you win SushiCo points at current campaign rate of the cost of your order.
- You cannot win SushiCo Points if you place orders using opportunity codes.
- You may also win SushiCo points during our competitions.
- You may use your SushiCo points during your next order.
- SushiCo points are only valid for orders you’ll place through www.sushico.com.tr. They’re not valid during restaurant service or your takeaway order to be placed using 444 Suşi (444 7874) Call Center Order Line.
- You cannot win SushiCo points for products you’ve received free of charge in return for SushiCo points.
- If you don’t place an order for one year, your SushiCo Points will be zeroed.
- SushiCo reserves the right to end online order campaigns and make changes in their conditions without making an announcement in advance.

6. Limitation of personal and non-commercial use:
Members agree that all their purchases are intended for personal use and such purchases are not intended for resale.

Validity of www.sushico.com.tr records
Members agree, represent and undertake that in case of any dispute arising from this Agreement, the books, records, microfilms, microfiches and computer records of www.sushico.com.tr shall constitute valid, binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence for the purposes of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure, and that this article shall qualify as a conclusive evidence contract.

8. Termination
www.sushico.com.tr may unilaterally terminate this agreement at any time.

9. Competent Court and Execution Offices
Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices shall have jurisdiction for settlement of any and all disputes that may arise from execution of this Agreement.

10. Effective Date
After the user completes registration form and receives service using the system as a member or places an order, this agreement indefinitely takes effect between the parties.