At SushiCo we aim to give you the most satisfying experience in every bite.

At our core, Every day, we are inspired by the talent and dedication found in Far East over the years.

Passion is the essential ingredient for putting our culinary excellence and cretivity into astonishing experience for our guests.

All these years later, quality dedication and core values remain at the hearth of everything we do. From our menu to our service to the way we do business, it's our fresh, unexpected, human perspective that sets us apart.

We believe the best stories are shared over food. That's why we put so much thought into every last detail that goes into our restaurant: the food, the hospitality, the gathering places, the vibe.

we are inspired by a journey of all the senses.

We wish you a gerat journey!

Address: Markt 28A, 6211 CJ Maastricht, Netherlands
Delivery: +31 6 2929 1711